Sears catalog homes have been the backbone of the U.S. housing market for over one-hundred years; home buyers and DIY enthusiasts alike have long appreciated the convenience of thumbing through a Sears catalog—picking out the perfect home to order.
RANKINGS: Year-End Agent Rankings Released— 1.3 Million Agents Claim the #1 Spot.
BREAKING: Three days after canceling Christmas, For Sale by Owner Fred Burge is now threatening to cancel all upcoming celebrations if his obstructionist wife refuses to fund his retaining wall.
While Sea-Salt Lead-Based Paint is still considered highly hazardous, MICASA Research claims that by making a product more suited to the tastes of adults—they were able to eliminate several health risks—including stunted growth and delayed development.
Like many agents, Whitby’s New Year’s resolution includes implementing actual lead follow up, cold calling, door knocking, Facebook marketing, and working past clients and center-of-influences
“I put more stock—in my time—in 2018 than ever before. My time is so valuable now; I can barely find anything to do that’s worth doing.”
North Carolina resident Joe Pratt received his final bankruptcy decree today and while ecstatic—Joe isn’t celebrating quite yet—now concerned that a government shutdown may impact his ability to obtain a government-backed home mortgage.
While Kaepernick is eager to trade touchdowns for down payments—he remains unsigned—and believes it is because brokers are colluding to keep him out of real estate, due primarily to his decision to only sell real estate part-time while focusing on his promising NFL career.

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