Buyer asks Agent for Half the Buy-Side Commission and a Kidney

RIDGELAND, Ms. – A Mississippi real estate agent has a significant decision to make today, after meeting a buyer with some unusual demands. Agent Richard Cash told The Daily Escrow—buyer Dean Rees— not only requested Cash pay half of the buy-side commission back to the buyer at closing but also stipulated that he would only sign a contract with the agent if he agreed to donate one of his kidneys.

“I was shocked at first,” explained Cash. “I mean a kidney, that’s a pretty big deal. But [buyer] gave me a ton of information on it. It seems like a pretty routine—in and out—kind of surgery; not that serious at all.”

A transplant team spokesperson, from Select Specialty Hospital in Jackson, argues this is a massive decision for the real estate agent and one that shouldn’t be made under any duress or with ulterior motives; adding the fact that the recipient has made the kidney a bargaining chip for a business transaction is “borderline unethical.”

“Listen,” buyer Dean Rees demanded. “I’m looking for an agent that is going to look out for my best interest. And right now—what’s in my best interest—is getting a house and a kidney. I’m not looking for new. Previously owned will be sufficient for both. If Cash doesn’t want to pony-up, that’s fine. I’ll go to the next agent. There is a million of them out there you know.”

“And spare me the ethics crap. How ethical is it going to look if I die homeless of renal failure?”

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