Buyer Finalizes Bankruptcy—Now Worried Government Shutdown May Affect Ability to Purchase a Home

CARY, N.C. – North Carolina resident Joe Pratt received his final bankruptcy decree today, following a stressful five-month wait for the courts final ruling. While ecstatic—Joe isn’t celebrating quite yet—now concerned that a prolonged government shutdown may impact his ability to obtain a government-backed home mortgage.

“I just got this bankruptcy crap taken care of and now this?” Pratt told The Daily Escrow. “I don’t know why they just don’t give [President Trump] money for his wall. What’s another five billion dollars when you already owe twenty-three trillion?”

Pratt, who has been anxiously awaiting the day he could purchase a home again—after being forced to rent since his third foreclosure in 2013—says he will be keeping a close eye on the events as they unfold.

“I have some free time to follow the Senate vote since I got laid off last week,” he acknowledged. “I’m sure congress doesn’t consider mortgage people essential personnel, but they also didn’t promise their wife a house for Christmas.

“After this bankruptcy fiasco, it’s pretty damn essential I make good on that promise.”

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