Stock Market Plummets While Value of Agents’ Time Remains at Record Highs

NEW YORK – Friday’s closing bell on Wall Street ended another tumultuous week for the three major stock indices—with the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 all taking heavy losses; being propelled from market corrections to bear markets by political correctness, last-minute border improvement projects, and a Federal Reserve aimed at ruining a presidency.

However, as the market continues to freefall, the value of real estate agents’ time remains at all-time highs; leaving those who invested wisely a clear advantage going into 2019.

“I put more stock—in my time—in 2018 than ever before,” agent Kimberly Fowler told The Daily Escrow. “My time is so valuable now; I can barely find anything to do that’s worth doing.”

Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman, Jay Clayton, told The Daily Escrow that over the last five years the value of agents’ time has gone up over 1000%—easily out-performing even the best stocks in the Standard and Poor’s 500.

“Polaroid, Pan-Am, Blockbuster; none of these valuations can touch the value of agents’ time,” Clayton explained. “Heck, even Sears isn’t valued as high.”

“It’s a good thing though; once the next crash comes—and believe me, it’s coming–savvy agents will be able to leverage this capital and flourish in a bear market.”

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