Suspicious Package Found in Brokerage Night Deposit Box Contained Prepaid Cell Phone

Fort Smith, Ar. – A suspicious package was found in the night deposit box of Razorback Realty Wednesday evening, this according to Fort Smith Police Chief Willis Howard.

A front desk receptionist discovered the package—which was addressed to listing agent Lissa Prado—around 8:30 a.m.and immediately notified authorities. Support staff evacuated the otherwise empty building while bomb-sniffing dogs investigated the suspicious package. An all-clear was given around 9:45; the contents safely transported to the local precinct for further evaluation.

“In these uncertain times, you can never be too cautious,” stated Police Chief Howard. “The staff at Razorback Realty did the right thing by calling us on the non-emergency line. Too many suspicious packages are floating around these days.”

Investigators later confirmed the package contained a prepaid flip phone, accompanied by a hand-written note, “Lissa—Please call me—Janice M.”

Janice M. refers to Janice Michaels; a home seller who’s Fort Smith home has been listed with Lissa Prado for 473 days. Michaels did confess to leaving the package, hoping to get a call back from her estranged agent to discuss strategies on getting her home sold.

“I’ve had my home listed nearly a year and a half,” Janice M. told the authorities. “I’ve received three phone calls from my agent. I’d appreciate a quick call to discuss maybe an open house or price reduction.”

Phone records revealed that Prado actually called her client on four separate occasions in the first six months of the listing the home. However, no contact had been made since; despite the homeowner’s numerous attempts to connect with the agent.

“This is terrorism; that’s what this is,” Prado claimed. “Sellers have been terrorizing me for years with phone calls.”

“You want my opinion? Phone calls are just like feedback—they’re only useful when followed by an offer.”

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